Edwards Vigilant VM Series

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Edwards Vigilant VM Series

Fire Alarm:

Vigilant VM Series represents the latest generation of life safety control panels for mid to large sized applications. With large multi-message displays, intuitive interfaces, and stylish contoured cabinets — these systems capture the imagination, and catch the eye. But behind the LCD display is where they really shine.

New TCP/IP-enabled microprocessors and chipsets take full ad-vantage of the latest advances in computing technology, leading to BCArter, faster, higher-capacity processing and more efficient designs. VM Series's patented Voltage BoostTM technology, for ex-ample, delivers constant voltage on NAC and AUX circuits – even at low battery power – resulting in lighter cable requirements and/or longer runs. That saves time and money.

High performance processing also leads to powerful networking features and versatile digital audio functionality. In fact, VM Series can handle jobs that range from a single stand-alone control panel, to a sophisticated network comprising the U.S. many u.s. eight control panels processing data from up to 4.000 devices.

High quality voice evacuation also delivers flexibil-system design authority with scalable implementation from simple Place-of-Assembly capability right up to multi-channel operation for highrise and cam-pus applications. VM Series features three channels of the integrated digital audio. Its optional paging control center includes a high quality paging microphone to whICH can be added with firefighters ' telephone.

VM Series makes all this new technology readily accessible with easy installation and maintenance. Electronic devices means addressing virtually install themselves, while intuitive installation and detailed diagnostic tools offer a clear and rapid path to flawless system operation.

Standard Features
• One Class A or Class B intelligent device standard loop, option-until 4 loops brings control panel capacity to 1,000 devicES
• 24-line by 40-character backlit LCD capable of displaying eight simultaneous events
• Optional voice evacuation and firefighter's telephone
• Three Form C relays: alarm, trouble and supervisory
• Optional network interface slots are located on the back of a swingable mounting chassis
• Electronic addressing with automatic device mapping
• Optional Ethernet port for diagnostics, programming
• Supports system wide strobe synchronization toolBr/> • Supports up to 30 R-Series remote annunciators with either Class A or Class B wiring
• Up to eight Networkable VM control panels monitoring intelligent 4.000 points
• Patented Voltage Boost ™ technology delivers constant voltage on NAC and AUX circuits — even at low battery power.
• 10 Amps UL listed power supply with universal 94 to 264 Vac input voltage
• Four on-board Notification Appliance Circuits
• Room for three optional front panel LEDS/Swit

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