Edwards Vigilant Intelligent Smoke & Heat Detector

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Specification of Edwards Vigilant Intelligent Smoke & Heat Detector

Smoke Detektor:

Edwards Vigilant brand intelligent analog detectors are meticulously engineered to deliver high-performance features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality. With their highly stable design, these detectors resist air movement caused by heating and air conditioning, making them ideally suited to the reliable performers in modern building interiors.
The installation and maintenance advantages of Vigilant brand of intelligent detectors add value throughout allr service life. The twist-and-lock design makes short work of installation and main-tenance operations. A breakout on the plastic detector housing optionally prevents removal from the base except with a special tool.


A bright, easy-to-see the LED flashes red when the detector is in alarm, thus eliminating much of the guesswork when responding to front-panel indications.
• The V-HFD is fixed-fixed temperature heat detector with an alarm threshold of 135 ° F (57 ° C).
• The V-HRD isa rate-of-rise heat detector calibrated for 15 ° F (8 ° C) per minute.
• The V-PHS houses an optical sensing chamber that detects smoke, as well as a fixed-temperature sensor that detects heat. The detector analyzes data from both sensors to deter-mine when an alarm is from.
• The V-PS houses an optical sensing chamber that detects smoke.


All detectors feature comprehensive self diagnostic capability. V-PS and V-PHS optical detectors continuously adjust their sensitivity to compensate for changes in the environment such as the presence of dirt, smoke, temperature, and humidity. These detectors issue a dirty sensor warning when they reach their preset limit.


Standard Features
• Optical, heat, and multisensor models available
• Compatible standard, relay, insulating, and audible bases
• Field replaceable optical chamber
• Electronic Addressing including mapping location
• Bases mount to standard North Americantwo-gang or 4″ square electrical boxes
• Dual color LED provides at-a-glance alarm indication
• Tamper-resistant feature
• Self diagnostic capability with on-board storage of results
• Optical detectors feature automatic rate compensated sensitivity adjustment, as well as dirty sensor warnings
• Manufactured to strict international ISO 9001 standards
• Assembled using surface mount technology for RF resistance
• Conformally coated componen

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