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PT. MAXIMA ANDALAN SEJAHTERADear Valuable Costumers,Our company is an Authorized Distributor of Fire Suppression Systems with ANSUL and KIDDE FIRE PROTECTION Brands and also Fire Alarm Systems with Brand NOTIFIER, VIGILANT EDWARDS and VESDA in Indonesia

Our company has received ISO 9001: 2008 & OHSAS 18001: 2007. Standard Certification

Our company is also supported by Engineering Staff with various experiences in Fire Suppression System and Fire Alarm System.We always try to do our best to meet your needs for Fire Suppression System & Fire Alarm System to get satisfaction, loyalty and strong relationships with all of our valued customers.We are always ready and willing to help your every needs in the project, with various services range from Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing Commissioning including we provide aftersales Maintenance Services.As we know, current technological developments are developing very rapidly and at the same time fire protection demands for high-value assets in many companies are also increasing. That's why you need Fire Suppression System and Fire Alarm System to make your life free of worries regarding your high-value assets from fire hazards.Fire Suppression System can be implemented as an automatic fire extinguisher in Data Center, Banking, Oil & Gas Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Mining, Industrial Sector, Telecommunications, Archive Room, Library, Laboratory, Hospital, Airport, Museum, Military Facilities , Broadcasting Companies, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Government Buildings, Panel Rooms, Electric Rooms, etc. From the danger of fire using a gas-based fire extinguisher system and please never even consider using water or powder-based extinguishing system in the area full of electronic equipment because it can damage the valuable assets that you protect.Therefore we need an automatic fire extinguisher system using gas media that can be used to protect all assets and remain safe for humans and also in the same time to minimize assets damage from fire hazards where automatic fire suppression are very safe for humans, not damaging protected equipment, not leaving residue, environmentally friendly, odorless and we call it Fire Suppression System with various choices of FM-200 Clean Agent Gas from Dupont, Novec 1230 Clean Agent Gas from 3M, iFlow Inergen from Ansul (IG-541), Argonite C60 Gas from Kidde Fire Protection (IG-55) and also CO2 System (CO2 System can only be applied for rooms that are not occupied by people and is very effective for deep seated fires type of fire hazard and can also be implemented in a room that's not fully closed, generator room, transformer room, diesel tank room, etc.)

While Fire Alarm System can be implemented and is known as the minimum human safety standard requirements in most buildings from High Rise Buildings, Industrial Sector, Oil & Gas Industry, Government Buildings, Commercial Business, and many other sectors which require and use Fire Alarm System. The function of Fire Alarm System itself is to detect as early as possible and give warnings and notifications if there is a fire hazard. We provide you complete range from Conventional System, Semi Addressable System & Full Addressable Fire System with Brand Notifier and Edwards Vigilant.Our main goal is to provide your needs with the Best Quality Products which also completed with International Approval Standards such UL Listed, FM Approved, LPCB Standard, VDS Standard, etc.), affordable price, fast after-sales service and fully commitment to every job you entrust to us

Once again, we want you to know that we are very happy and ready to help your every needs for Fire Suppression System and Fire Alarm System, to be able to contact us so you can visit www.maximas.co.idThank you

Greetings,PT. Maxima Andalan Sejahtera

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Menjadi distributor fire alarm system dan fire suppression system terpercaya dan dapat diandalkan di Indonesia.


Menyediakan produk-produk dengan brand-brand internasional terbaik yang disertai dengan standard internasional terbaik untuk fire alarm system dan fire suppression system kepada seluruh customer kami.


Pertamina, PGN, TGI, Bank Indonesia, Data Center Teknovatus, Data Center AHM and many more..


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